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SFAMI - Supporting Families of Addiction and Mental Illness

When you have a loved one struggling with mental illness or addiction it can seem hopeless at times.  SFAMI is a support group that helps families learn about mental illness and addiction,  linking families to local resources to assist during times of need.
There is HOPE and you will find that members of this support group truly identify and understand the struggles of caring for a loved one with mental illness and addiction.  This is a great support group for families going through the first psychotic break with a loved one with mental illness, or for families dealing loved ones with addiction whether it is their first Substance Use Disorder episode or event or long time struggle with addiction or long term management of their mental illness disorder or substance use disorder.
SFAMI is based in Lynchburg, VA and has been supporting Central Virginia families for over 15 years. SFAMI is sponsored by HORIZON Behavioral Health and is a free support group offered to the public.
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